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Create questions via the “Add questions” button

There are two buttons to create questions on Hashdata: “add questions” and “add add-ons”. In this section, we will explain the use of the button “add questions”, which is more widely used and which is located in the editing forms screen. In there, it is possible to find questions of the following types: text, number, masked field, date, date and time, signature, image (taking pictures), location (GPS), multiple choice (only one answer), multiple choice (more than one answer), rated/evaluation/satisfaction.


All questions created from the button “Add question” must follow the same creation procedure: 1) inserting the question text, which is what the reader will see and 2) the desired type of question. That way, for a text-type question, for instance, you may ask in 1) what is your name? and in 2) select the text type, as suggested by the following image:


If the type of the question is image, for example, insert 1) question text (e.g. “take a picture”) and 2) select the image type, as follows:


This process is repeated for any other question type.