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Create questions via the “Add add-ons” button


By using the button “Add add-ons”, it is possible to show images to the respondent, exhibit texts and attribute mathematical formulae to multiple choice questions. The process to exhibit texts and images is similar. This type of question is used, in general, to show some recommendation, procedure, instructions, so on. It is important to notice that these are show-only questions, so it is not possible to answer them – only to view the displayed text or image.


It is necessary to insert the question title (which may or may not be displayed to the user) and, then, fill the text field with the text and set it according to your needs. When it is done, save it.


To create an image, the process is similar: fill the box with the question title, choose if the title must be displayer to the respondent, set the alignment, choose the image and save.