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Access levels

The access levels are the permissions attributed to the users. Below, there is a description of each one of them. It is important to remember that the permissions are cumulative – that is, it is possible to assign more than one (or all) to a single user.


Perform data collection – This is a basic permission level, in which the user is only able to collect data in the app.

View collected data – Also a basic permission level, in which the users are able to view the data collected.

Manage collected data – The users are able to manage the collected data.

Manage users – The user is able to manage other users, creating or deleting them, as well as generating pre-sign up links and so on.

Manage permissions – The user is able to establish the access level of other users in the system.

Manage Forms – The user is able to manage forms, creating, editing, publishing, archiving, and attributing them to users, etc.

Manage integration (systems) – The user has access to integration scripts on Hashdata, as well as to integration with other systems – for instance, the Qlikview.

ATTENTION! When managing the access levels of a certain user, make sure that the selected level really is the desired level. A user with all permissions gains the status of super user, being able to make any changes to the access account, including deleting information permanently.